Monday, March 3, 2014

simply life: early march 2014

An average week: rain, thai takeout, movies, cookies package tracking gone wrong. (week #9)
adding text to photos and cards with my typewriter is so lovely!

A fun day: walking 10 miles up the San Diego coast for cancer research. (week #8)
Studio Calico wood veneers, Amy Tangerine plus one cards.

Neon was really working for me. I tracked progress with my FitBit and printed out the results.

I can't believe it's already March!

There you have it, a simple look into my Project Life album for the first few months of 2014! I hope you enjoy, and please (please, please) share your projects with me. I'd love to see what you've got going on!


  1. Loving your style. You can have a look at my spreads here:

  2. love your PL. i'm waiting for my SC kit to come in so I can actually start for this year!

  3. Hey Kait!
    Hope you don't mind I've made a sneaky link to your blog in my new post, about falling back in love with my old Filofax.
    You cheeky thing for inspiring me!
    Hope you're well.

  4. I really love the idea of Project Life - definitely want to do it at one point!
    Still a big fan of scrapbooking though :)

    Eilidh |

  5. loving your style and can't believe this is the first time I am seeing your blog, love it!

  6. love love love your blog and so glad I found it by searching for filofax stuff! You have a cute style - and well done on the fit bit! You reminded me, I really need to record mine in my PL album! :)