Q: Girl, waddup with your blog header? So cute!
A: Thanks! The font is soymilk. and the vintage date stamp photoshop brushes come from here

Q: How do you get your Instagram pics to look like that? / What app and filter do you use? / What camera do you use? / Do you have lighting equipment? / Why are your photos so bright?
A: Okay, I get some form of this question pretty often. When I was posting every day around mid-2013, I used to use my iPhone 4s and SOLELY PicFx (PFX 5 filter) and Whitagram apps, with a white background and natural lighting, but I've since changed my ways.  I now use my iPhone 5s and SOLELY Vsco, and the HB filter, exposure turned slightly up, and highlights save up (you can't convince me otherwise, I'm obsessed.) I didn't come up with this - I saw it on Kelly Purkey's blog (which I read religiously, and you should too). I've always really admired her photos on instagram, so it was really cool of her to make this post explaining her process. This is the process I use in both my personal and blog instagrams, as well as my actual blog photos (which often are an amalgam of the two.) I do not have lighting equipment. And I like bright photos, don't know what to tell ya, kid.

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